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Craig Cobb hosts The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast unpacking his 13 years plus experience in traditional stock markets, FX, commodities and bonds (as well as over 6 years as a mentor to tens of thousands of traders), TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading. Featured across network TV shows in Australia, presenting his knowledge to traders, TraderCobb and his team are dedicated to bringing a new standard of education to the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

NOTE: This is not financial advice, Craig Cobb is not a financial advisor and NEVER provides tips on what to buy, sell or hold EVER. This podcast is to give his views and share a fun environment to have a chat about all things crypto and beyond. If you wish to invest in anything make sure you seek advice from your financial advisor first.

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The Market Marches On
Wow, just have a look at how fast things can change. Alt markets are now pumping and crypto traders are rejoicing. Not a part of the action? You know what to do
Crypto Traders, This Is Heaven!
Trends left, right and center, trades abound and options to stalk nearly everything in the top-10, man it's a good time to be a trader. You have to listen to this one guys, I am pumped, really pumped!
Litecoin & Ethereum Dominating
Yesterday it was all about Ethereum and today it has a mate in Litecoin. Both the USD and BTC charts are in trends and both are open to options. If you want to SEE what I am talking about then get onto the free newsletter at
Ethereum The Best For Crypto Traders
Ethereum has certainly started to out perform Bitcoin of the last couple of weeks and it has put down a solid trend. The Alt's are starting to claw back
Talking To A Crypto Prop Trader
Brad Koeppen is Head of Business Development and Trading at CMT Digital which is a firm covering crypto trading, venture capital and regulation and compliance. Brad and I discuss the many differences from traditional desks to today's crypto and bitcoin desks. We cover what's coming into the ecosystem, counterparty risk and how to manage, plus, what the solution to bringing more big players into the market may be. 
Want A 40% Pay Rise? Listen To This
David Jackson runs S2M Digital which is one of Australia's best recruitment agencies, he is also the founder of Crypto Sydney which runs month events with some great people in the blockchain space, it's an open forum where the audience runs the theme. David is taking this tour on the road and I will be joining for some of the ways. Listen to this for your pay rise and the dates!
Trade Gold & Settle In Bitcoin
Tanuj Bathla is the Business Lead at XP Invest has a very interesting concept of trading traditional asset classes while settling back into bitcoin. This could be just what you are looking for if you wish to diversify so make sure you tune in on this one.
Crypto Trading - I Am In The Zone
I love it when a plan comes together and this week it certainly has. I always plan my trades and market moves well in advance so that if they eventuate I am ready and confident. These last few days have got me into the right space to make money and the market is moving so I am ready!
Trust For Fin Advisors & Investors Alike
Elise Rosmarin was an early adopter of blockchain and Bitcoin back in 2014. She is now heading up ABOTMI which has set it's sights on trust, allowing financial planners and investors to come together. It's a big step in the right direction and well worth a listen
The Prospect Of A Reversal
For a while now I have been speaking about the prospect of a higher low forming on Bitcoin and the fact that Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS have all completed this move already. There is still a long way to go but some minor bullish behavior showing. All explained in this show
Emin Gun Sirer Talks The Future of Crypto
Emin Gun Sirer has been in the consensus space as a computer scientist well before Bitcoin was created. In fact many have accused him of being Satoshi Nakamoto. Emin and I get down to AVA Labs which is a project that Emin believes will reach out to those not within crypto right now. We address the 3 issues with many projects today, the first 2 are, scale and security, you will have to listen for the third!
Early Movement On Bitcoin
This show ended up being much like calling a horse race and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. What's the plan for today? Well have a listen
Talking To The Boss Of Bitcoin
I speak with Brandon Kelly who is a trader of Bitcoin and crypto. He has a very different methodology but some areas remain the same. Listen as we go deep on what he is currently working on, what he currently see's as a good buy and his views on the future. A great guy.
Bitcoin - On A Knife Edge
Bitcoin is lagging some of the market at the moment, EOS is pumping and we have seen some trends go into daily up trends. Here's what I am prepping for
H.E. Khurram Shroff - Bitcoin, Crypto and What's Next
His Excellence Khurram Shroff was a very early adopter of bitcoin and blockchain having started buying large amounts of the coin in 2011. This has, of course, made him great returns but this is not all Khurram is interested in. With a family office and massive reach, Khurram has set his sights on being a leader in blockchain and puts his money where his mouth is. Want to learn from one of the biggest investors in the space? Then listen closely, I did.
The Traders Journey: Perspective
Perspective is the most powerful tool we have as human beings, it's our magic power. Recently I have been feeling a bit run down and crappy until last night something hit me like a tonne of bricks that forced me to use logic to gain the perspective I needed. You're going to need this in your crypto trading journey, if not now then I the future. This is a heartfelt episode
The Traders Journey - Inactivity
There will be periods of inactivity in your trading, it's not a bad thing but it can be hard to take. You do your scans and follow your routines to find a very little week in and week out. You have 2 choices, trade the rubbish or wait for conditions to come to you. If you trade the rubbish you can give back what you have earned. Be smart, be patient and hold your capital for the good days.
The Traders Journey: Building Your House
We live in a society that is focused on outcomes and not the process. In this show, I take you down the path of focus to help you achieve your outcomes. You need to build your house and to build a house you need a plan!
Are We About To See An Alt Reversal?
Bitcoin is holding, support is lurking on many and it may just be the time for the bulls to return. I will be getting a video out today so listen now and subscribe to the free news on
Crypto Beadles & I Discuss The Landscape
Beadles is a man on a mission, the guy works from a standing desk, sleep a few hours a night and is a master of building terrific businesses. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin and blockchain and helping friends enter the space has become one of the biggest and most knowledgeable people in the space. We smash a few theories and discuss what the outlook on many Alt's may look like.
Crypto Trading - Just Do It!
How often have you let excuses hold you back? I know I have in the past. These days I just go for it and either fail or win but I am not left not knowing. What you do with your time is up to you, the time will pass anyway so best you use it wisely
What Is Happening In STO's
Mikko Ohtamma has been in bitcoin since 2013, having ridden the high's and lows as well as the ICO boom he has created a marketplace for people looking to invest in STO's around the world. It's an eye-opening interview around the STO market and what is coming.
Is This The Beginning For Bitcoin Bulls?
We haven't seen 2 candles close bullish in a row since the start of the month when we ran onto $12,000. Will we see this as being the catalyst for a very Merry Christmas?
Down Trends Hold In Crypto
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin amongst others have maintained their down trends. FOr us cryptotraders we must trade what we see not what we want or think. Time to be patient and wait for those ripper trades!
The Traders Journey: Learning The Hard Way
The reason I am able to help you is that I have made so many mistakes that I now know what not to do. You're going to make many mistakes throughout your journey but the sooner you work out you need some guidance the better off you will be.
The Traders Journey: Sacrifice
I start a new series today taking you through some of the key aspects that you will face in your journey as a trader. I want you to be aware, understand you're not alone and empower you to go beyond any hurdle throughout this series. Today we kick off with sacrifice
The Traders Journey: Your Identity
A recent event in my life brought me to this episode. Are you a trader or are you just trading? This is a question of your identity.
The Traders Journey: Your Team
I have spent the last few days working with my team within and it got me to thinking about when was the last time I worked with the team that keeps me performing at my best. I realized I haven't been calling on them as much as I should. So who is on your team and are you making the most of them?
$9,100 The Key For Bitcoin
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The Traders Journey: Be Kind
There will be times when you're about to lose your cool, want to blame others and lash out. Keep in mind that being kind always helps you achieve your outcome much faster. I learn this the hard way but follow it religiously now. Be kind guys.
Bitcoin - Down But Messy
We see bitcoin and the top-10 down pretty heavily today. Does this mean there will be shorts? Well not yet. There are some good trends coming into play but it will be later in the day if there are to be shorting options
The Traders Journey: Distractions
When things get busy and life gets in the way we can easily get distracted. As traders, we must understand what additional risks this brings and the options we have to either continue or slow up on our trading.
Crypto - Go Fishing
Go fishing is my view on today. Yet another slow sessions and I have nothing on my watch list worthy of any comment. When the market is dead it's time to live!
A Brutal View Of The ICO Boom
Dennis Lewis is an entrepreneur with several exits to his name. He is not someone that came down in the last shower. He was around for the 2017 ICO boom and has a lot to say about it. This is a show where nothing is held back, we hit some very deep points combining blockchain, capital raising, how a business can survive and what is next in the space. My favorite interview of the year so far
I Will Be Sitting Out
Pretty simple really, with bitcoin and crypto markets largely looking undecided it's a good time for me to do no trading. I know when to sit out and what I am looking for to get back in and I have nothing to be trading right now
Could This Be The First ETH & BTC ETF Ever Launched?
Ali Hassan is the Co-Founder & CEO at Crescent Crypto Asset Management. He walked out with his partners on a career with Goldman Sachs to set up a fund in crypto that has performed well. We touch on the fund itself, family offices coming to the space and their recent partnering with a large traditional market company to roll out the world's first Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF. Watch this space!
Bitcoin Flat, Chasing Sats
Bitcoin has been sideways for a while now which means it's opened the door for me to trade for SATS without margin for the most part
What is Flawless Execution?
I'm replaying this episode as it's vital when it comes to execution. Structure, strategy and routine. It's how you executive all three that makes a flawless execution. I talk about this a lot in my courses and my work. You can hear it now on the podcast
Positive Trader Mindset
Positive Crypto Trader mindset is so damn important. It's totally and 100% up to you. Consistency starts with mindset.
The Traders Journey - Mentors
Want to be a great trader in the shortest possible time, thought so. You will need a mentor, you will need to listen and you will need to go through the high's and low's that are to come. If you don't have one then it's time to get one.
The Traders Journey: The Pain Barrier
Yep, it's a thing, it exists and you are going to have to overcome the "pain barrier" more than once before you break through so get comfortable in the discomfort of it all and know you will breakthrough!
500x Leverage With This Exchange
You all know how much I love my leveraged trading when it comes to Bitcoin. In this interview I have a chat with CEO of BXB exchange Kwun about what he is bringing to the space, what the fake volume means and how traders and exchanges can work better together.
Bitcoin Looking Lower
Bitcoin once again has set itself up for further declines over the last 24 hours with a 4-hour cradle now having broken lower. Will $10,000 hold or will cryptotraders be jumping to the short side once again?
Learning From The Best - Jordan Harbinger
Jordan Harbinger was one of the first podcasters way back in 2006 and now hosts an award winning top-50 podcast with over 5.7 million downloads a month. He has been kidnapped twice, speaks 5 languages and can help you with how to be "lucky". We discuss some of the traits of successful people and how much luck plays a part. One you can't miss guys
What Will You Do If We Go To $3000?
Are you better prepared for a 2018 bear market or have you literally done nothing to get your house in order?
The Traders Journey: Getting Started
I have covered many topics within this series but one I have not is how to get started. Maybe this recent run lower has given you the realization that you simply must trade, maybe it hasn't, either way here is my story.
Cradle Zone Delivers On Bitcoin
I was stalking a cradle trade yesterday on Bitcoin and it did set up. The problem was it set up at 2am and although I am a dedicated cryptotrader I also value my sleep. More to come
Scaling On Ethereum - The Solution
Jacobo Toll-Messia has a history like very few. He has experience in the dot com boom, has built a consultancy with clients such as IBM, Intesa, Nortel Networks and Chevron to name a few. Companies like these don't nickle and dime people. I sit down to discuss he latest venture in Hubii. I hope you're as impressed as I am
Yes, Bitcoin Was About To Break
Yesterday I spoke about the break being probable on bitcoin and it didn't disappoint. A great move higher and a nice trend now in play. $11,000 is next.
Reviving Past ICO's With IBC Group
Have you ever wondered what happened to a lot of the ICO boom companies and what will be next for them? Well so has Mario Nawfal who has experience in E-commerce and a record of success that would make anyone very proud. I speak to Mario about how IBC Group is planning to take the 5% of gold from the ICO run and bring them back in a big way. Hold onto your seats here guys, this one is a great show!
Is Bitcoin About To Break?
Wow, I took the weekend away from the charts and how good it was! I didn't miss much by the looks of it. I am stalking a break on bitcoin. Have a listen
Journey of the Apprentice with Luke Inkson on Shorting
In this show I speak to my first apprentice and have him break down what has been a big barrier to his trading future and that is understanding shorting and what it has meant to his trading and mindset.
The Traders Journey: Tall Poppy Syndrome
You are going to have to hear many people tell you that you can't, you're crazy, it will never work, but you need to either ignore these people or prove them wrong. I have been there plenty of times before, use their negativity to fuel the fire of your success.
The Traders Journey: Tax
Yep, tax, it's a subject many hate to talk about or admit how important it actually is but death and taxes are a part of life. As with anything regarding your situation you should speak to your accountant. I will, however, cover my thoughts around tax in this episode.
The Traders Journey: Questioning Yourself
Crypto traders and all traders for that matter will eventually start questioning themselves. This is a dangerous time. I want you to be strong, composed and trade your plan.
The Traders Journey: Consequence
In your journey, you’re going to face consequences for your actions, be they good or bad. Being prepared to get your mindset and trading back on track starts with planning. In today’s show, I explain some of the ways you can do this so you’re ready when the time comes,
Bitcoin Bounces 10%
A big bounce on Bitcoin in the last 24 hours sees it likely to close in the green. What interests me the most however is how much it has come off the lows, a whopping 10%. It will be an interesting session that's for sure!
Why Blockchain? Ronny Boesing Tells Us
Ronny Boesing has been around a while, he has been through boom and bust and has survived to tell the story and the story is what we cover. Ronny tells us why he is in the space of blockchain with two companies breaking down barriers, listen and work out what smart people are doing in the space.
$10,000 To Be Tested On Bitcoin
Bitcoin is struggling to hold itself up right now along with litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and the rest of the top-10. It is a bit of a sea of red out there right now and 10k holds the keys. If we fall through I will be hunting shorts, what will you be doing?
The Traders Journey - Managing Success
So you have had a number of winning trades in a row, you have been consistent and you are now getting paid, what do you do? Well, I would imagine you would feel pretty good about yourself and your future prospects and that's great but this show is all about how to stay cool and stay upon the winner's podium!
Bitcoin Falls, Alt's Rise
Another day where we see a decline in Bitcoin that surpasses the rest of the top-10 in crypto. Ethereum, EOS, XRP and Litecoin all hold better than Bitcoin. Cryptotraders, take your time and be patient!
Enjoy Your Success
If you've done well or are doing well, enjoy your success! Take time out for you and treat yourself. I'm here in NZ at the moment because I've been lucky enough to be successful so I make an effort to take a break and enjoy it.
Bitcoin In Cradle
Bitcoin is back in the daily cradle zone and cryptotraders are aware. Will the rest of the top-10 lead us lower or will Bitcoin drive higher?
Top Tips for Trading Crypto & Bitcoin with Trader Cobb
Craig joins The Crypto Lark to discuss risk management, crypto trading tips, and much more.
Something You Need To Know
The other day I went to an event with about 1500 people to watch successful people from different Industries present. The lessons I took away were less to do with the people on stage and more about the people watching the stage. You should hear this.
Often Wrong, Never In Doubt
What does often wrong never in doubt mean? Well for me it's fine to be often wrong and I am never in doubt when I make a decision. I work from within my own rule set so therefore I am not influenced by what anyone is saying. I will change my mind often but it will only change based on my set of rules.
Who Cares What Others Say?
Cryptotrading is not easy, it's usually your own emotions that come under fire so it's very important to know what may affect these emotions and to give yourself a few tools to keep your head in the right place. If you are making your opinions public then be ready to have a thick skin!
Dream Or Goal
The difference is staggering and covered in today's podcast. Also lots of positive news out there. GET YOUR DAY STARTED
Bitcoin Fights at $12,000
Bitcoin is sitting around $12,000 again and trying hard to get a move on. The rest of the market is slow with Binance being the only real mover
How To Come Back From A Bad Streak
This podcast is going to be the most important you listen to today, this week and possibly ever regarding your trading career. It is a very personal view into the trader I was, the trader I became and the steps that I took to take me from being a fair trader to a great trader. The lessons I learned from this piece is still with me today and it truly shaped the person I am. I really hope you can gain a huge amount from this podcast. Enjoy!
Chart Patterns: The Names Mean Nothing
Once you learn trend and understand it, you will free up about 50% of the crap you've been learning which really has no value. In Chart Patterns, the names mean nothing. Understand and learn the trend.
The Traders Journey - Get Over Yourself
The biggest enemy, the single biggest thing holding you back is you and your mind. People say "the skies the limit" but it's not, your mindset is the limit. Get over yourself and the things holding you back and you will feel better for it, more focused and be ready to take monumental leaps forward. I wish you well!
Bitcoin Pulls Back
Well it was a good run on bitcoin with the 2-hour cradle I took Thursday last week but I have been taken out for a very nice profit and now await my next entry
The Traders Journey - Clarity - Understanding Your Plan
Planning your trade is one thing, what that means will differ from person to person but you must understand what your purpose is. This builds a short, medium and long term plan that allows you to be clear in your thought and execute based on that plan. Clarity is a must and this will help
Psychology in trading - Why It Is Important
The longer you spend trading, the more you understand how important your psychology is. In this podcast, I touch on why this is important and work in some numbers so you understand just how much you need to be on top of this.
Navigating through the Crypto Market
Knowing what is and is not can be hard in the noise of crypto. Without a plan, it's very hard to walk a straight line. In this episode I walk you through some of the areas I believe can help you switch the headlights on so you can see where you're going.
Bitcoin At $11,000
It has been a steady grind on Bitcoin for crypto traders of late with the market moving higher but at a grind. It has presented a couple of opportunities for those that know what to look for
Who I Surround Myself With
You want to trade crypto, you want to have success and you want it all to happen as fast as you can, right? Well, then you better make sure you have a great team of people around you. The world need not rest on your shoulders and help is only a good mentor away
Stop Making Excuses

There will be many listeners that have said they will do this and they will do that but they have not taken the first step. It's the fear of failure that prevents us moving forward at times. Flip the script on failure and commit yourself to success before it's too late

Be Positive - It Will Come Back To You
Being positive can be hard at times but what you put out you receive back and more importantly your words can change someones day/ life so be careful what you say and let's help each other rather than put each other down
Be Happy, Tomorrow Isn't Guaranteed
Today the story of a young golfer with 2 beautiful daughters which moved me to tears. Perspective is clear on this one. Stop and smell the roses today because tomorrow isn't a guarantee.
From Crowd Funding To Crypto
Denis Kurilchik comes from Russian crowdfunding. He and the SIMEX exchange saw the opportunity to enter blockchain and took it with both hands. WHat's interesting is how they went from a crowdfunding platform to a crypto platform. It's interesting because this business didn't just pop up like many others in the ICO boom. They were legitimate business prior to the boom and they have a very interesting idea to allow crypto to equity investing. This means you can use your crypto to buy and own equities. Hear how and why
Bitcoin Is Back!
Yesterday I spoke of my willingness to be taking long trades on bitcoin should they turn up and later in the afternoon I got that trade and it's sitting very nice! We are above $10,000 again and it's looking good
Books To Read On Blockchain
We make history on the show interviewing our first Sir in Sir John Hargrave. Sir John is a tech pioneer, having floated a tech company in the height of the dot com boom to now having a media company, being knighted and most importantly about to become a best seller when he releases his book Tuesday August 6th. The book is called "Blockchain For Everyone" and I am pretty pumped to get into it.
Strap In - It's About To Get Hectic!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have seen plenty happen the last month or so that has now got me in the headspace that I have seen enough of the bears and the bulls are likely to take control back. I may be wrong but I have a high probability here. Have a listen
Business With Blockchain Not For The Sake Of It
John Baird has been in the corporate world for a long time and has had huge success in cybersecurity and many other areas. He left the corporate world to pursue his latest venture UCOT which is a business connecting producers with consumers. This is business using blockchain to solve a problem not blockchain looking for a problem to fix. Progress has been fast and the future looks bright.
Time To Build Your Bitcoin Stack
It has certainly been one of the slower weeks in the markets that I can remember. Bitcoin is sideways along with most of the top-10. Does this mean opportunity doesn't exist? No way, you just need to know where to look
Paid To Post With Bill Ottman
Bill Ottman is the CEO of social media platform Minds which has 1.5 million users that are getting paid in a token to be social. Unlike other platforms that get paid for your content, Minds allows you to get paid for your content. Well worth a listen.
Sunken Treasure & Non-Fungible Tokens
Matthew Arnett is in the Bahama's looking for sunken treasure and building tools for the market to have access to these treasures normally held aside for private collections. He has a very clear message and plan and a star studded team of some of the best in the world. A very interesting project!
Sydney Event Review!
What a weekend that was. Sydney, you were amazing. I honestly put my all into the weekend and I am now spent. Loved meeting everyone and can't wait for Brisbane next! Have a great day, I will be resting!
Startup Accelerator's Over The Ditch
Stefan Korn is the CEO of Creative HQ which is a Wellington based startup hub looking to help guide the next generation of businesses. He is also an angel investor himself. I hit him with a few questions about what Creative HQ does and what he looks for as an investor.
XRP & Ripple Explained By Monica Long Of Ripple
Monica Long is a one-woman tech powerhouse whose career has spanned many top-level Silicon Valley success stories. Monica is now the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ripple. In this show, Monica explains the difference between XRP and Ripple as well as the future for Ripple, how XRP is used and what drives the team. If you ever wanted to know about Ripple and XRP then you can't miss this!
Why Do Smart People Flock To Crypto
Athanasios Ladopoulos has worn many hats within the tech space. He is no stranger to change and in this interview we discuss why the digital currency space is his position of choice with several companies on the go. Have you ever questioned why you're here? This should help solidify your cause.
COSS - Your One Stop Crypto Shop
I speak with the CEO and founder of COSS Rune Evensen about the exchange, what makes it different in the sea of exchanges and how they will add serious value to the space for new entries, old timers and traders. This is a project I have heard plenty about so it was great to speak to the leader about it. A great show.
Big Liquidity & New Exchanges
Artur Azizov is a man with a lot on his plate. Not only does he provide liquidity for many exchanges but he is also rolling out an exchange of his own. I ask him about the future of orders, margin trading and just how hard it is to educate people on the current crypto market
Hurry Up And Wait
Yes again we have another very slow day on Bitcoin and the top-10. Very little in the way of momentum in either direction. I am seeing some signs of confusion on the lower time frames. Good time to build Sats or sit out
Want Privacy? Zcoin May Help
I speak with Reuben Yap who is the COO of Zcoin. Reuben has a very interesting story as to how he left his corporate law job and moved into the digital asset space. The main story in this show, however, is about privacy and how we can attain it. Zcoin has worked with the Thai government and has been around since 2016. This could be a gem you've not yet heard of so have a listen!
Is This The Turning Point?
I have been speaking to a scenario of bitcoin reversing back to a daily up-trend and breaking the weekly cradle candle. Could we have found the lows today?
Better Than Ethereum? You Be The Judge
Muneeb Ali is CEO and Co-Founder of Blockstack a project that he has been working away at since before Ethereum was born! If you want to keep ahead of the curve in this ever changing and dramatic space we call blockchain then it's conversations with people like Muneeb that you need to be hearing. Plenty of gold in here guys so tune in!

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