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Craig Cobb hosts The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast unpacking his 15 years plus experience in traditional stock markets, FX, commodities and bonds (as well as over 6 years as a mentor to tens of thousands of traders), TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading. Featured across network TV shows in Australia, presenting his knowledge to traders, TraderCobb and his team are dedicated to bringing a new standard of education to the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

NOTE: This is not financial advice, Craig Cobb is not a financial advisor and NEVER provides tips on what to buy, sell or hold EVER. This podcast is to give his views and share a fun environment to have a chat about all things crypto and beyond. If you wish to invest in anything make sure you seek advice from your financial advisor first.

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Dominik - Founder Of The IOTA Foundation
IOTA has been around a long time having raised a very modest ICO back in 2015. I speak with Dominik about the future of the project, what they are targeting and how they plan to capture a $470 billion market come 2020
Facebook Brings The World Closer
The big news was Facebook and it's dive into the crypto space. What will it do for the market? I believe it is nothing but good for exposure. Hold on tight!
Investing in Blockchain Projects - Aly Madhavji Interview

An absolute pleasure to have the complete gentleman Aly on the show. Aly has experience, poise, and passion that I haven't seen in the space all that often and as a fund manager it's needed. We talk a lot about what he is looking for in projects and some of the steps people should take when reviewing a project for investment.

Bitcoin Pushes Higher
It has been an interesting run on Bitcoin of late, smooth buying momentum with any major spikes higher, will it continue?
OTC Volumes & Who Is Coming to BTC
I interview Fred from Hiveex the Australian OTC desk. We speak about what is going on behind the scenes and what Fred see's as a possible catalyst for future bull runs. You are going to like what he has to say if you're a Bitcoin Bull!
Bitcoin Bulls In Full Force
What a great sight to see Bitcoin once again pushing to new highs for 2019. It has been a very strong market we have seen the last 2 months and I hope to see it continue. Trades have been going well, options plenty!
Jimmy Song On The Future Of Bitcoin
Jimmy Song has been an advocate of bitcoin since forever so it's no wonder he has some very clear and firm views on what the space needs to survive and flourish. We both have a rant about the world and then Jimmy delivers what could be your next career move, so listen very closely!
Robert Chu: Healthcare, Blockchain & Giving Back
From nearly a decade at both IBM and IMS Health, Robert Chu has learned the skills of what it takes to execute at an executive level and deliver on time. This is the reason he is now working on healthcare and using blockchain to bring together people, data and results in a timely fashion. Your healthcare data is worth a lot of money, for example, a recent sale of $1.9 billion puts each data entry at $10,000 each. Yes, this is worth you listening!
BCH Fork Talk With Tone Vays
Tone Vays has one of the largest twitter follower counts for the simple reason he works hard to provide content to help others. Sometimes it's not what people want to hear, that's life. I sit down with Tone to discuss bitcoin trading, the BCH fork and who rules the hash wars. Insightful, honest and raw!
Lior Gantz On Investing When Others Are Not
Lior is the founder and editor of Wealth Research Group and just like me started investing at the age of 16. His wealth of knowledge is deep, his passion is real and our conversation was hard to walk away from, I could have talked to Lior all day. Enjoy this one guys, I did.
Bridging The Gap With Horizen

Robert Viglione has one of the most interesting and exciting backgrounds before blockchain (tune in for that alone) but it's what he is doing as CEO and Co-Founder of Horizen Labs that is making waves. Robert will explain how he is bridging private and public networks to work with the best of both worlds.

Bitcoin Creeps Higher
It has been slow, it's not been exciting but it has been setting higher lows and is in an up-trend on all time frames. Bitcoin is what I am talking about and it could be readying itself for a strong move.
The Traders Journey: Building Your House
We live in a society that is focused on outcomes and not the process. In this show I take you down the path of focus to help you achieve your outcomes. You need to build your house and to build a house you need a plan!
Bitcoin Looking Better
Much of the top-10 is now showing a much more bullish outlook with many levels for trading having set up and broken or are setting up to break today. Binance was the trade of the day. Did you get it?
Efficient Markets With Pareto Network
In this episode I get into the details of Pareto Network with co-founder Eric Lamison-White. We cover what it does, what plans they have in place and how it can help you the listener. We also touch on what crypto market fundamentals might look like.
Bitcoin Sideways But I Have Something For You
Bitcoin still has the potential for a further leg down but it's what I have to offer to you that excites me more
Maturity In Crypto With Mark Vidano
Mark is a contributor for Altcoin Buzz as their in-house TA man. He started trading in 2017 and was attracted to Crypto through watching the dot com fly by and not having made a cent. He wised up, jumped in and is now an advocate for education and information in the space.
Two Key Levels For Bulls & Bears
I have been bearish since the daily went into a down trend and today with the green candle I now have a dilemma. I have two levels to consider now, if one breaks down then moves lower seem likely, if the other breaks up then moves upward seem likely. The life of a trader!
Emmie Chang On Brokers & Bitcoin's Future
Emmie Chang knows what she is doing, she has a goal, a plan and a background of experience that will get her there. In this discussion we talk about the lack of REAL education out there, how exchanges don't seem to know or care what we want and the future of blockchain through providing liquidity to assets that have little. 
$6,600 Looking More Likely Each Day
Sheesh! I certainly copped some stick the last few days as I have been suggesting the market to move lower. Not bothered, I am in the zone and so far it's all going my way. Let's see if we get the break and see this pullback go deep
The Story Of Crypto Rich
Rich is your average good guy, he has kids, he worked to look after disadvantaged kids and carved out a life in the UK. That was until Rich found crypto and became Crypto Rich. Listen to exactly how it all begun and why he is living how he wants to now.
Talking To The Boss Of Bitcoin
I speak with Brandon Kelly who is a trader of Bitcoin and crypto. He has a very different methodology but some areas remain the same. Listen as we go deep on what he is currently working on, what he currently see's as a good buy and his views on the future. A great guy.
Bitcoin Mining With Amir Ness
Bitcoin mining is by far the most hands off way to have exposure to bitcoin. If you don't know anything about it or want to know more then you need to listen to this podcast with Amir who is an ex-trader dedicated to the mining of bitcoin.
James Sowers Forbes Top-50 Angel Investor
James is a man that has built himself from nothing to an angel investing powerhouse with over 65 investments made to date. I speak to him about the early days of the crypto raising world, the term ICO and what he looks for in a good investment.
Kraken Exchange With Austin Alexander
Kraken looks very much looks like one of the most progressive platforms on the market right now and the most forward thinking. I spend some time with Austin Alexander VP of Kraken to have a chat about volumes, the current market cycle and their newest acquisition for futures trading.
Another Day Undecided
The market has had a fairly slow week with some minor moves down among the top-10. With that being said the sellers have failed to grip the market and drive it lower. Exercise caution
Aries Of Bibox Exchange Number 6 on CMC
I spend some time talking to Aries who is the co-founder of number 6 ranked crypto exchange Bibox and partner at BlackWater Capital. We discuss the beginnings of the exchange, the lack of volume from retail, how institutional money is still trading as heavy as ever and I get the scoop on a new product coming soon!
A Green Day But More Downside Likely
Although bitcoin has had a bit of green today I still see there being room for more downside. Have a listen and see why
ICO Investing With Matt Dibbs CEO of Astronaut Capital
We all know what the ICO market was like this time last year but what has it become and what does the future bring? I chat deep on the topic with Matt and cover what his funds plan is currently and going forward.
Great To See A Healthy Market
This pull back is something of beauty and I hope to see it pull back to $6,500 or more in the coming days. Healthy markets need pull backs and this is the first in this recent move higher that has been insane. The sooner it's done the better as we traders have more upside to work with!
Vinny Lingham & I Discuss Business
A man who quiet simply put is an achiever. From sector to sector Vinny displays the ability to adapt, pivot and succeed. Listen as we talk about being an entrepreneur, business in blockchain, BAKKT, an ETF and 2019 in crypto. One not to be missed.
Bitcoin Dips, But How Far?
Bitcoin and the top-10 have had a day of selling. Will it be back to the weekly cradle zone or hold it's ground? Only time will tell
The Importance Of Marketing For Projects
Emma Todd has been around since the early days and has had some amazing success both in her own investments and in aiding other projects towards success. What we have all seen is great projects lacking in a message, Emma and I cover that in this show, a very fun chat!
I Was Wrong!
Well I was off on my prediction of $10,000 for Bitcoin last week but the way the levels have been rejected this past week makes everything look even stronger but beware!
Tim Bos, Founder and CEO of ShareRing
Tim Bos, well it's all in the name really. In an earlier life he was an Associate Director at Barclays Capital, Program Manager at Avanade (a Microsoft and Accenture JV) and Project Manager at GE Capital. These days he is full time focusing on the shared economy, developing the tech and executing the teams plan flawlessly. After a successful ICO earlier in the year it's time for Tim and his team to bring the vision to life. Here we cover why the space is growing, what he sees as the future and exactly why all of this needs to be on the Blockchain.
Peter Schiff On Market Meltdown & Bitcoin Debate
I had a chat with market legend and the man who called the GFC, Peter Schiff. We cover the state of the USD, the US market as a whole, what concerns he has and that this next fall may be the greatest of all. I also open up a healthy debate on bitcoin and security tokens. Don't miss this show!
Kent Kristensen - Talking Crypto & Achievements
Kent is a big player and when it comes to execution he is a man with a desire to achieve. We cover what he is currently working on in the payments world and discuss why a man who sold his last company for $867 million is still at is with such zest. A great guy and a great interview.
The Traders Journey: Sacrifice
I start a new series today taking you through some of the key aspects that you will face in your journey as a trader. I want you to be aware, understand you're not alone and empower you to go beyond any hurdle throughout this series. Today we kick off with sacrifice
The Traders Journey: Learning The Hard Way
The reason I am able to help you is that I have made so many mistakes that I now know what not to do. You're going to make many mistakes throughout your journey but the sooner you work out you need some guidance the better off you will be.
Bitcoin Holds Key Support For Now
A decent selloff has occurred across the market over night and we are now in the cradle zone on the daily for many pairs. This may represent some good trading options over the coming days. I also cover what a larger pullback may look like
The Traders Journey: Get Over Yourself
The biggest enemy, the single biggest thing holding you back is you and your mind. People say "the skies the limit" but it's not, your mindset is the limit. Get over yourself and the things holding you back and you will feel better for it, more focused and be ready to take monumental leaps forward. I wish you well!
Will Bitcoin Do Anything This Week?
A slow week for Bitcoin and a number of the top-10 cryptocurrencies so far. IOTA has been a star performer along with ZCASH but will Bitcoin kick on and hit $10,000 by the weeks close or flounder?
A Crypto Documentary From The Inside
Ash Pugh and his partner are documentary film makers. They entered into crypto in 2016 and have been documenting the space ever since. They have been involved with the ICO boom and 2018's bust and are working to bring this amazing journey to a screen near you shortly. They also have a fantastic youtube channel "New Kids On The Blockchain" A great chat
The Calm Before The Storm?
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Is This The Next Facebook?
VID is the project name and Jag Singh is the CEO and Founder as well as my guest in this show. Have a listen to the very ambitious but highly thought out strategy to turn social media back to the people.
2019 Bitcoin Highs Today?
Bitcoin has had a relatively slow session but EOS, TRX and XRP have been moving well. Will we hit new 2019 highs or will we see the market flounder today?
NYC Consensus - What This Entrepreneur Gathered
Fred Schebesta is an entrepreneur of the year winner, an OTC king and the person you want to deal with for your big buy and sell orders in crypto as founder of HiveEx. Hear what he has to say after NYC concensus this following his 32 interviews and ear to the ground approach. I am now even more bullish long term. Guys, you can't miss this!
Bitcoin To $10,000 This Week...
Bitcoin has broken to new trend highs again and now looks very strong to run to $10,000 this week. Research as you will as I have been and will be wrong again. This market does look strong now though I must admit
Ash Hoey - RapidID CEO
Ash is the MD / CEO of RapidID. He is the founder/ CEO of, a global Identity Verification service that supports decentralized and centralized companies with their KYC/ AML/ CTF requirements.
Your Options For Banking Profits
Understanding how to trade is one thing, making profits is another and finally understanding what you're going to do with those profits is also crucial. In this show I try to break it down so you can understand the options.
David Deputy - Tax and Blockchain
David Deputy is a Connector/ builder working on global regulatory technology using blockchain and machine learning.
How To Come Back From A Bad Streak

This podcast is going to be the most important you listen to today, this week and possibly ever regarding your trading career. It is a very personal view into the trader I was, the trader I became and the steps that I took to take me from being a fair trader to a great trader. The lessons I learned from this piece is still with me today and it truly shaped the person I am. I really hope you can gain a huge amount from this podcast. Enjoy!

The Exchange I want To Work With
Yes ladies and gentlemen, you know I have been on the search for a long time for the platform that is willing to give us what we truly need. Well this could well be the one. Richard Olsen is one of the founders of one of the leading platforms in the world, OANDA. He is not here for money, he is here for innovation. You simply must check the website, listen to this show and tell me what you want. I will be pushing to give us, the traders of crypto what we need and Richard (I believe) will listen.
Daily Cradles All Over - Will Bitcoin Boom Today?
Wow, what a wonderful sight to see. Many cradles on the daily time frames of high liquid pairings. Today is setting up as a real showdown between the buyers and sellers but beware one thing, I explain in the show
FX To Crypto & Bitcoin With Chris Coney

Chris is the host of The CryptoVerse Podcast and Founder of Cryptoversity. I really enjoyed this conversation for it's depth, analysis and for how it helped me understand how best to describe Bitcoins value through the understanding of Facebook. Yes you read that right, best you listen to understand!

Bitcoin Consolidates $10,000 Can Wait
Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin and most of the top-10 are in consolidation mode right now. Cryptotrading is about knowing when to wait and when to pounce and after a week like last week it comes as no surprise that we are sideways right now. That being said, earlier in the week I thought we were heading higher. Sometimes I am just plain wrong!
The Traders Journey: Managing Success
$bitcoin, cryptocurrency, trader, bitcoinforum, bitcoin buy, crypto market, cryptocurrency news
Bitcoin Creeps Sideways As Breakouts Loom
The entire top-10 had a pretty slow day today, not a great deal of movement from Bitcoin XRP or Ethereum but Binance had a big surge. What will today bring?
The Traders Journey: Mentors
Want to be a great trader in the shortest possible time, thought so. You will need a mentor, you will need to listen and you will ned to go through the high's and low's that are to come. If you don't have one then it's time to get one
Will We See $10,000 Bitcoin This Week?
Yesterday's podcast I talked about how the characteristics of Bitcoin looked very likely for a drive higher. Today I go into more detail with the information I have
The Traders Journey: Clarity - Understanding Your Plan
Planning your trade is one thing, what that means will differ from person to person but you must understand what your purpose is. This builds a short, medium and long term plan that allows you to be clear in your thought and execute based on that plan. Clarity is a must and this will help.
Bitcoin $10,000 By Weeks End?
It has been a long time since I have seen Bitcoin, Ethereum and the major top-10 look so bullish. This market has the characteristics of a booming market right now and I fully plan on taking advantage with trading on margin. Will you?
Amy Wan - Pushing Boundaries in Blockchain
Amy Wan is a prominent legal tech and block chain attorney and CEO of Sagewise. Constantly pushing and challenging the boundaries of culture, Amy raised a seed round as a pregnant, minority, female block chain founder. It was great to chat to her about her story.
Navigating through the Crypto Market
Knowing what is and is not can be hard in the noise of crypto. Without a plan it's very hard to walk a straight line. In this episode I walk you through some of the areas I believe can help you switch the headlights on so you can see where you're going.
Mike Goldman - Paying It Forward with Crypto
Friend of the show and super talent Mike Goldman stops by to talk about the charity he's raising money for and it takes bitcoin. Visit https:/ / mongolrallymen
Who I Surround Myself With

You want to trade crypto, you want to have success and you want it all to happen as fast as you can, right? Well, then you better make sure you have a great team of people around you. The world need not rest on your shoulders and help is only a good mentor away

The Traders Journey: Be Kind
There will be times when you're about to lose your cool, want to blame others and lash out. Keep in mind that being kind always helps you achieve your outcome much faster. I learnt this the hard way but follow it religiously now. Be kind guys.
Higher Or Lower? That Is The Question
Ethereum and EOS were the only two within the top-10 to close in the green yesterday so will we see further downside on Bitcoin or will the buyers return?
Bitbay Exchange & 1 Million Accounts
Bitbay is a crypto exchange that has been around since 2014, has just hit 1 Million accounts and is looking to take on SE Asia and the STO market. I chat with Pawel who is the CEO and Przemyslaw who is head of trading about how they plan to do this
Top-10 Booming!
As Bitcoin Holds $8,000 the real standout has been the Alt market with all of the top-10 seeing some good gains with many above 10% in the green. That marks two days of strong performance. Plenty to be stalking for trades today!
TenX Answers & 2019 Explored With Julian Hosp
Julian is a major over-achiever from being a pro-basketballer, pro-kitesurfer and a doctor to setting up a crypto payments firm that raised $80 million he is no stranger to success however, it is his shortcomings that he owns and his timing he see's as the most crucial element in any success. See why Julian thinks timing is on his side with crypto.
Ethereum, XRP, TRON & Cardano All Move
Bitcoin slows down but with it slowing there has been a good move in some of the top-10 Alt coins seeing Ethereum, Cardano, TRON and XRP soaring to their best days in a long time. It's time to wake up the trader in you and get going!
The Traders Journey: Perspective
Perspective is the most powerful tool we have as human beings, it's our magic power. Recently I have been feeling a bit run down and crappy until last night something hit me like a tonne of bricks that forced me to use logic to gain the perspective I needed. You're going to need this in your crypto trading journey, if not now then i the future. This is a heart felt episode
$2,000 In 3-Days Bitcoin Is Back
Have you had friends and family start to ask you about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency recently? If not then it's coming. The market is booming but don't FOMO, be cool and help others get in.
Australia's Newest Exchange, What's It Got?
I speak with the CEO of Zebpay who has had 2 exits of his own and is a very astute character indeed. We discuss the rise of India in crypto, the exchange itself and how it can help you and I get what we want.
How I Trade Bitcoin Blasting Off
Well that was a massive weekend of buying momentum wasn't it? Bitcoin got above $7,000 and the bears that were around should be more or less sidelined. Will this be the start of Bitcoin's next run? time will tell, here is how I trade it
Victor Jiang - Entrepreneurship & Blockchain
An entrepreneur at 2 years fresh out of Uni, Victor talks about blockchain, the VC world, and entrepreneurship.
Kavita Gupta - Journey to Blockchain, Ethereum & Managing A $50 Million VC Fund

Kavita Gupta is a native of India and in 2015, was the recipient of the U.N. Social Finance Innovator Award. She was recruited to Consensys by it's found Joe Lubin, whom after a 2-3 hour conversation with Kavita hired her to manage a $50 million venture capital fund. In this episode, we talk about Kavita's journey into blockchain, how she sees Ethereum and what's in store for her for 2018.

Jorn van Zwanenburg - Writing, Start Ups & Blockchain
Jorn van Zwanenburg has written over 100 articles for and revised whitepapers for multiple blockchain startups.
The Traders Journey: Your Team
I have spent the last few days working with my team within and it got me to thinking about when was the last time I worked with the team that keeps me performing at my best. I realized I haven't been calling on them as much as I should. So who is on your team and are you making the most of them?
How To Profit From Bitcoin's Move
Yep, we're above $6,000 for the time being but how do you profit from Bitcoin moving higher other than just holding Bitcoin and what options have we got with margin trading? I cover this in today's show
The Traders Journey: Getting Started
I have covered many topics within this series but one I have not is how to get started. Maybe this recent run lower has given you the realization that you simply must trade, maybe it hasn't, either way here is my story.
Take 2: Bitcoin Readies For A Push To $6,000
I didn't expect the Binance hack yesterday that held price under $6,000. That being said it has given me extra belief that we will make it there today. My take on the markets in this podcast today
The Traders Journey: Consequence
In your journey, you’re going to face consequences for your actions, be they good or bad. Being prepared to get your mindset and trading back on track starts with planning. In today’s show, I explain some of the ways you can do this so you’re ready when the time comes,
Bitcoin Readies For A Push To $6,000
We have been patient and now our time is upon us with $6,000 the biggest level for Bitcoin in 2019. Wil we break or will we fall? I cover my views in this podcast. get ready, it could be an entertaining few days
The Traders Journey: Distractions

When things get busy and life gets in the way we can easily get distracted. As traders, we must understand what additional risks this brings and the options we have to either continue or slow up on our trading.

Ethereum Launches, Bitcoin Languishes
Well Ethereum sure stood up to be counted over the last 24 hours with a very strong and sustained move higher. Out of the top-10 it was certainly the largest mover by a long way. Have a listen to my views on the last 24 hours.
The Traders Journey: Tall Poppy Syndrome
You are going to have to hear many people tell you that you can't, you're crazy, it will never work, but you need to either ignore these people or prove them wrong. I have been there plenty of times before, use their negativity to fuel the fire of your success.
A week Of Chop Or Bitcoin Brilliance?
What a wonderful end to the week we saw with Bitcoin and much of the top-10 having a strong run. As we close in on $6,000 will we see chop or a surge? Time will tell
Angus Morrison - The Crypto Accountant
Angus is a keen cryptocurrency investor and believes that blockchain technology is currently in the process of transforming many industries, providing fantastic opportunities for investors using the right structures with the right advice.
Andrew Kiguel - Crypto Mining
Catching up again with Andrew Kiguel about Hut 8 and Crypto Mining!
Michael McCarthy - Trading Platforms in Crypto
You may have seen Michael on TV, and now he's on the podcast talking about the Crypto space.
The App That Lets You Buy Crypto Daily
Steve Buchko has an interesting story into crypto and is now a content contributor for CCN. He has also been working on an investment platform that allows you to invest every single day into crypto while not actually having to invest in crypto. Have a listen to get my point!
I Am In These Two Trades
Today I walk you through the reason's why I have taken XRPUSD and ETHUSD and exactly how I have managed my risk and how I plan to trade these going forward. Education mixed in with your daily market kick-off!
Bitcoin ATM's - The Good & Bad
I speak with Cory Capaldi who is owner of The Coin Bro's about his journey into crypto, his push into the crypto ATM space and what some of the hurdles and opportunities are in this emerging corner of the cryptocurrency market.
Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash The Gainers
In what has been another slow day of trading over the top-10 we see only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash holding gains as we go into the close of the 24 hour candle. I talk to you about the mid term time frames today to explain why it's been slow.
Crypto Love & I Cover, NASA & Current Crypto Events
Randall is Crypto Love and with an amazing youtube presence and beard of envy he has got a captive audience. I have a chat to him about the recent Tether incident, Bitfinex and what he thinks will push us forward and when.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & The Top-10 Bounce
A strong 24 hours in the top-10 today with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin having had a strong push higher. Another strong day and then $6,000 is a real reality.
COSS - Your One Stop Crypto Shop
I speak with the CEO and founder of COSS Rune Evensen about the exchange, what makes it different in the sea of exchanges and how they will add serious value to the space for new entries, old timers and traders. This is a project I have heard plenty about so it was great to speak to the leader about it. A great show.
Bitfinex Woes As Bitcoin Holds
Bitfinex certainly has had the attention of the crypto space once again with the issue surrounding the $850 million of "lost" funds. There is also a huge difference from Coinbase and Bitfinex prices. I talk to this in today's show.

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