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Sweet Buzz - Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov
Tags (categorie): Istruzione

Looking forward to hearing the latest buzz on how to scale your business?

Dancho Dimkov, MSc, ExMBA, CMgr, CMC, CEO and Founder of BizzBee Solutions, President of MCA-2000, reflects on some of his daily life's most mundane and peculiar occurrences, providing you with something sweet to chew on.

Who says that you can't take a shortcut to growth?
Let Dancho's life stories pave your way to a successful B2B digital business and save you a mistake or two.
Autore: Dancho Dimkov
Ultimo episodio: 23/09/22 15:05
Helping B2B High Ticket Service Providers Grow - One Lesson at a Time
Tags (categorie): Economia, Istruzione, Management, Marketing

“Helping B2B high ticket service providers grow - one lesson at a time” is a video series presented by BizzBee’s CEO and Founder Dancho Dimkov. He is on a mission to interview key B2B experts, so they can share their hard-earned lessons with fellow B2B high-ticket service providers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an experienced coach or consultant. And making all the mistakes on your own is often pretty expensive. It’s only logical that companies need all the help they can get from B2B experts. And this is where this show comes in. A unique opportunity for you to learn from experts and hear their stories. 

As a B2B consultant himself, Dancho is extremely passionate about sharing the stories of like-minded people. And he can’t wait to share their lesson with you - his loyal beehive.

Make sure to subscribe, ask questions and follow along with Dancho or BizzBee at:

Website: https:/ / www.BizzBeeSolutions.com/

LinkedIn: https:/ / www.LinkedIn.com/ company/ BizzBee-Solutions/

Dancho's LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/ in/ DancoDimkov 

Dancho's Facebook: https:/ / www.Facebook.com/ Dancho.Dimkov.98

Autore: Dancho Dimkov
Ultimo episodio: 05/07/22 14:51
Sweet Leads - The BizzBee Podcast
Tags (categorie): Economia, Marketing

What every business needs to survive and to grow are new clients. In the B2B world, new clients equal generating highly qualified sweet leads. Well, for BizzBee Solutions, the way to that was via outreach.

Dancho Dimkov, MBA, CMC, CEO of BizzBee Solutions, author of "Sweet Leads" and BizzBee's Outreach COO - Natasha Razmoska reveal all their outreach knowledge and experience to this podcast's host Vera Eftimovska, MA, and BizzBee's Content COO.

It's a dream team with tons of valuable insights on prospecting and who it works for, how much effort and time it takes, and the best way to do it.
Autore: Dancho Dimkov
Ultimo episodio: 09/09/21 15:50

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